Cheap Caribbean

For those Who Are Extra

TASK: Building on the CheapCaribbean MORE campaign, develop and produce fresh video and photo assets to drive bookings and promote brand awareness.

INSIGHT: When people go on vacation they get a chance to show their true selves and tend to be a little extra.

IDEA: Instead of just being the vacation company for people who love the beach, we’re the vacation company for people whose whole personality is the beach.

EXECUTION: Spent several days in Cancun, Mexico shooting various setups with the production team. Created teaser videos for social media that show just how much MORE you can get with CheapCaribbean by celebrating some distinctly extra vacay personalities – the all-in activity lover, the glammed-out girl gang, the sun worshiper, the gimme more and the flavor chasers. Produce multiple :15s and :30s spots (Coming Soon) to be viewed on Connected TV and YouTube, along with short form videos for social media. Photos will be featured in emails, digital display and on the website.

ROLE: Art Director