Cheap Caribbean

Cocktail Campaign

TASK: Build out content captured during influencer trips to resorts in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and build it out to a campaign to support the trip and have a cocktail focus.

IDEA: Have mini-campaigns to engage the audience throughout the month of December. As the month starts off Cheap Caribbean will share cocktail recipes from @beautifulbooze and have giveaways during the '12 Days of Cocktails'. Then over the course of a week, the focus will shift to @erincohen__ as she explores Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao by way of a 'Caribbean Cocktail Crawl'.

EXECUTION: Created 12 social posts and 12 social stories for '12 Days of Cocktails'. Then, created three social posts, one story and one social video for the 'Caribbean Cocktail Crawl' to promote the trip.

Roles: Art Director and Designer

Agency: MMGY

12 Days of Cocktails

Static Social Posts and Stories


Social Story with multiple frames



Caribbean Cocktail Crawl

Static Social Posts

Video Social Post


Static Social Story

Other portfolio

Other portfolio