ID90 Travel


TASK: Create new email templates for weekly email deals (cruise, all-inclusive, hotel). The templates can be used interchangeably between the type of deals.

INSIGHT: People want to quickly see featured destinations and deals without spending lots of time scrolling through a long email.

IDEA: Create email templates that are concise and simple to navigate with various CTAs that promote deals and educate customers about services ID90 provides to those in the travel industry, along with their family and friends.

Roles: Art Director and Designer

Agency: MMGY

EXECUTION: Designed three email templates based on current brand standards that can be easily updated with images, destinations, pricing and travel deal dates. Also implemented email accessibility best practices and made sure it was mobile-friendly. Made it easy for users to get directly to their account login, download the app and get to social media properties. Kept the header and footer design consistent on each template.

Redesigned Email Templates

Larger ID90 that will be linked to the website.
View in Browser: View in Browser option with pre-header text.
Log In: To prompt users to log into their account.
Search Bar: Subtle blinking gif that will entice users click to search for a destination.
Top Navigation: Reflects the top nav of the website

Smaller logo will be linked to the website
Address: CAN-SPAM requirement
Contact Us: The email address will be linked.
Social Icons: To encourage subscribers to follow ID90 social media accounts.
App Icons: For subscribers who haven’t downloaded the app.
Unsubscribe: CAN-SPAM requirement

Email mockups with copy, deals and photos.


Original Emails

Other portfolio

Other portfolio