TASK: Create an in-person and online experience that promises community, creativity, and connection with new and long-time VANS fans either in person or remotely.

INSIGHT: The Common Thread within the VANS community is the love for the shoes. So let’s give them an experience inside the shoe and bring the community together.

IDEA: Build a larger-than-life shoe that people can walk into that serves as a place where the Vans community can unite and celebrate the shoes.

EXECUTION: The experience begins online with celebrity fans of VANS sharing their love for the shoe brand with their own custom designs. In Los Angeles, a large shoe is constructed in a popular location where people can go inside and experience the brand by learning about the different people’s love for some of the most iconic styles. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase one of the exclusive celebrity designs that come with exclusive Common Thread shoelaces.

ROLE: Art Director

*Spec work for ONE School

SHOEBOX: Celebrity mystery shoe box designed with Common Thread and question marks to highlight these exclusive celebrity designs.

WRISTBAND: Custom barcode on each wristband for attendees. Wristband must be scanned In order to access video content within the shoe and to purchase celebrity mystery shoe design.

SHOELACE: Limited edition shoelace with Common Thread logo.

PAUL VAN DOREN WALL: Large display to pay homage to co-founder along with exclusive never before seen memorabilia.

CELEBRITY GALLERY: Displays that highlight celebrities that are featured designers. A case will be placed under each display with some of their favorite vans shoes that they will auction off online.